In the midst of constant distractions, there is a simple beauty in carefree concentration. Sometimes your thoughts become lost in an endless stream of clutter; the repetitive imagery blasting across screens - the intrusion of blue light flashing against your retinas. Jamie and Ludo at Models 1 rebel against today’s climate of anti-social media, as they return to the skate park, an emblem of camaraderie for teenagers everywhere. Joining an increasing movement to get offline and into the streets, they’re part of a generation finding solace in concrete sanctuaries.     
Stepping out of yourself, finding stillness within each second like motionless frames of inspiration. Gliding through the air, and for a split moment - you’re limitless. Photographer Michelle Marshall bottles this feeling of boyhood freedom and the pursuit of everyday bliss. Off the ground, far away from the troubles of those restricted by gravity. The gentle creeks of the ramp, the vibration of the earth meeting your momentum, it's a form of meditation in motion. 
Referencing the classic eras of skating and its California heritage, the utilitarian looks are paired with nostalgic flourishes. Stylist Becky Seager merges a clean minimalism with splashes of natural tones and of course, ease of movement. Hanging out, taking the glory of exploring the limits of your personal intricacies; the skilfully planned footwork, the calming breeze against your sun-drenched skin. Battle-scars become the signifier of your commitment, an extension of your ability to embrace the pangs of adrenaline urging you forward. The trials of youth are tested within these four open walls, it’s an unsaid promise of belonging. 
Models JAMIE PLATT and LUDO GORDON at Models 1

The Skatepark

Above: Ludo wears Bandana by VANS, Glasses by BLACK EYEWEAR, T-shirt by ROKIT, Shirt by UNIVERSAL WORKS, Trousers by WEEKDAY and Trainers by GOODNEWS. Jamie wears Hat by KANGOL, Glasses by BLACK EYEWEAR, Jacket by CARHARTT WIP, Trousers by WOODWOOD and Trainers by MAISON KITSUNE.

Above left: Jamie wears Sweatshirt and Trousers by LES BASICS.
Above right: Ludo wears Jacket by HAWKSMILL DENIM, Trousers by WOODWOOD and Hat by KANGOL.

Above: Jamie wears Jacket by QASIMI, Trousers by LES BASICS Les and Hat by KANGOL. Ludo wears Jumper and Polo Shirt by WOODWOOD and Trousers by WEEKDAY.

Above left: Jamie wears same as in right photo. Ludo wears Sweatshirt by QASIMI, Trousers by CARHARTT WIP, Trainers by GOODNEWS and Glasses by BLACK EYEWEAR. 
Above right: Jamie wears Shirt by CARHARTT WIP, T-Shirt by CHAMPION, Trousers by WEEKDAY, Trainers by NOVESTA and Glasses by BLACK EYEWEAR. Lodo wears Sweatshirt by QASIMI, Trousers by CARHARRT WIP, Trainers by GOODNEWS and Glasses by BLACK EYEWEAR.

Above: Ludo wears Jacket by CARRIER COMPANY, Trousers by WOODWOOD, Sweatshirt by WEEKDAY and Trainers by GOODNEWS. Jamie wears Beanie by CARRIER COMPANY, Jacket by BERTHOLD, Trousers by CARHARTT WIP and Trainers by NOVESTA.

Above left: Jamie wears Beanit by FINGER IN THE NOSE, Sweatshirt by QASIMI, Shorts by CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN and Trainers by GOODNEWS.

Above right: Ludo wears Jacket by HAWKSMILL DENIM, Hat by KANGO, Trousers by WOODWOOD and Trainers by model’s own.

Above left: Same as above.
Above right: Ludo wears Jacket by YMC, Trousers by WAVEN and Trainers by NOVESTA.