When BBG Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris found out that Tim Sprague at Nevs Models (she calls him Timothy and doesn't remember why) is a multi talented art genius kind of guy, she immediately thought it would be a great idea to combine Tim's model talent with his artwork in a shoot. In this beautifully haunting collection of images, Cecilie brings together two of Tim's passions; his art and his modelling. By choosing to shoot Tim dressed head-to-toe in crisp white shirts from Topman and Palmer//Harding against the backdrop of his own art work, Cecilie has created a beautiful series of mixed media images. This approach allowed Tim to create a second dimention to this art; to bring it to another level, progressing and pushing himself further and in ways he hadn't thought of yet. By moving with the light created by the projections, the images dictate the mood to us as Tim makes atmospheric movements, breaking free of the confines of the 2D image and the confines he placed on himself and his work. Tim becomes his own canvas, breathing and living his art. We can't wait to see what more Tim brings us in the future. 

The fresh faced beauty presented in this series is Tim Sprague at Nevs Models. At 19 years old, Tim has just moved to London from North Devon and started his degree of Fine Art at University of Westminster. He started modelling just a few months ago, and has been off to a flying start having walked his first LCM catwalk shows for Xander Xhou and J.W. Anderson. This chiselled boy tells us that he is teenage angst free, but still doing his stuggling artist thing, which you can follow on his Tumblr.


Photographer: CECILIE HARRIS
Assistant: CAT WILDING
Model: TIM SPRAGUE (Nevs Models)

The Art Experiment

Above Left: Shirt by TOPMAN

Above Left: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING
Above Right: Shirt by TOPMAN

Above Left: Image from Tim's studio
Above Right: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING and Shorts by TOPMAN

Above: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING

Above Left: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING 
Above Right: Shirt by TOPMAN

Above: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING

Above: Shirt by PALMER//HARDING and Shorts by TOPMAN



Words by Cat Wilding.
Art by Tim Sprague.