He came. 
He made us laugh.
He delivered some stunning photos. 
He took over our Spotify and let Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" fill the room.
We fell in love. Again.

This pretty much discribes our Niki Burton of Select experience from his latest Boys by Girls shoot with Cecilie Harris. Niki is a bit of a regular by now, having previously been featured in some stunning stories by Georgie Wileman, and we just can't get enough of him. Niki is one of those models who draws from somewhere deeper within when modelling, and when you shoot him you never know what you will get. But you know it will be something good. 

In chapter 8 of "The 4th Floor", he brings a delicious quirkiness and plays with every element he is given, whether it be the environment or beautiful garments from designers Jenny Schwarz, Orschel-Read, Orri Henrisson, Mark Thomas Taylor and more.

"The 4th Floor" is now available as a beautiful book here!

Photography & Styling CECILIE HARRIS
Model NIKI BURTON (Select)

The 4th Floor - Chapter 8