Blinded by glassy waters with double reflections glancing out, feelings of fragile grass beneath mutual skin and conversations spoken only by thoughts and connective looks. As soft waves hug tightly around individual grains of sand and sharp rocks upon the beach, the sounds of boyish laughter mixes with the breeze that carries the sounds of the sea. Identical twins born in Laguna Beach, deemed as 'California Beach Boys', drown in the rays of the sun as it lays down to rest on their skin during their play along the shore and competitive race into the overgrown fields. 
Connor and Max Haddadin (Wilhelmina Models) - aka the Haddadin twins - are forever connected, but still extraordinary individuals on their own. Photographer Nicola Collins imprisons them within her lens as time stands still, representing those moments we wished could last forever. Styled by Nicola's own twin, Teena Collins, the second half of the second pair of twins represented in this story. The boys are dressed in an American demeanour, sporting red, white and blue, an ode to their true spirit of nationality. Sometimes twins can create their own language, and Connor and Max are a prime example as they conjure up their own language that only they can speak. “We don’t have to communicate very often, because we already know”, and when they don't speak the connection and unspoken words between them is a mystery to all outsiders. 
The feeling of seeing a reflection of yourself in another person is like looking in a touchable mirror stringing together the consecutive emotions of two duplicate beings. Doesn’t matter if one has a passion for the artistic side of life and one lies in the mindset of being sporty, they may never see eye to eye. “We would switch classes, he would go to a class instead of me”. Impersonating the other twin is something of an amusement. At the end the day the other half of the twin is the person that has been there beside all along, and knows who you are to the core. “There’s always somebody out there in the world that will have your back no matter what”, declares the twins.

Models MAX HADDADIN and CONNOR HADDADIN at Wilhelmina Models

Seeing Double

Above: Maxwell (left) wears Shirt by STUSSY, Trousers by MLTV. Connor (Right) wears Shirt and Trousers by STUSSY 

Above Left: Jackets by by STUSSY, Jeans and Socks by AMERICAN APPAREL, Trainers by VANS
Above Right: Vests by AMERICAN APPAREL 

Above Left: Shorts by AMERICAN APPAREL
Above Right: Tops by STUSSY, Shorts by MLTV, Socks models own, Trainers by VANS

Above: T-Shirts by JUNGMAVEN

Above: Tops by AMERICAN APPAREL, Trousers by STUSSY, Trainers by CONVERSE

Above: Trousers by STUSSY, Belts are Vintage