In polishing off the rough edges you risk erasing individuality. It is so easy to find yourself distracted from the beauty of the individual; to bypass the allure of difference. Perhaps true beauty is found in difference, purely because it is unorthodox. To diverge from what is expected of young models: that is what photographer Dudi Hasson hopes to achieve. Her Israeli teens are united, indeed beautifully, by their ‘difference’.

In her photography, there are no seascapes or sunflowers. Dudi sifts through the world of the unexplored and finds beauty in what would have previously been disregarded as not worthy of capturing. Teens, the way they live now, in their raw honest and perfectly imperfect urban daydream, are the focus of the art. The visuals leaves no scope for a rose-tinted perception of mankind as beautiful and shrouded by a greater still nature. No. Where there were trees, Dudi has made metal bars and tower blocks the object of admiration. Where there was sophisticated fashion, bare skin and street style. Mya Roo, Ben Alon, Yonatan Kram, Maor Maman, and Michael Berkovic both depend on their urban world and create it. They are the young inhabiters of this world and you look in on them. 

In this barren landscape, the boys unite the image and wait for someone to find the beauty of it. These Israeli teens enable the perception of beauty to change: instead of escaping reality, the teens blossom within its metal bars and brick walls. Dreams are not a tool to escape reality - instead reality is the dream place to find the beauty in oddities. Art may well, after all, be ugly.

Photography by DUDI HASSON
Styling by NOA NOZIK
Grooming by GUY TAKO
Models YONATAN KRAM, MAOR MAMAN and MICHAEL BERKOVIC at Brick Models, BEN ALON at Yuli Models, and MYA ROO

Seascapes and Sunflowers

Above left: Trousers by RONI BAR, Top model's own.
Above right: Maor wears Jeans by ALEXANDER WANG. Michael and Ben wear models' own Trousers.

Above left: Trousers model's own.

Above right: Shorts models' own.

Above right: Ben and Yonatan wear Trousers by ODELIA ARNOLD and Coats models' own. 

Above left: Maor wears Trousers by RICK OWENS, Shirt by IRO and T-shirt by AKA ROCK.
Abover right: Maor wears Trousers by RICK OWENS, Michael wears Trousers by ADIDAS ORIGINAL, Ben wears Trousers by RONI BAR and Yonatan wears Trousers by AMERICAN APPAREL.

Above left: Ben and Michael wear Jackets by ACNE STUDIOS. 
Above right: Maya wears T-shirt by AKA ROCK, Trousers by AMERICAN APPAREL and Jacket model's own and.

Above right: Maor wears jeans by ALEXANDER WANG.

Above left: Ben wears Trousers by RONI BAR and model's own Top.
Above right: Maya wears Top by CALVIN KLEIN, Coat by HED HAYNER, Skirt by AKA ROCK and Earing by BORN FROM ROCK.

Words by Claudia Brown.