We are very excited to share this beautiful and exclusive editorial "Silent Night" by Cecilie Harris, shot especially for the festive period. Featuring awesome Elite model Matthew Bell, an increasingly familiar face around these parts of the world wide web and is definitely becoming one of our coolest boys. Not that we have favourites, but let's just say that we are loving Matthew's work a lot right now. 

Cecilie created a peaceful aesthetic by photographing Matthew only with his eyes closed and asking him to create the shapes of his body similar to those of when he is sleeping. She then enhanced this with muted colours, soft tone and layering, all of which lend themselves beautifully to the "Silent Night" concept.

Matthew had recently been in Milan for a few weeks, and if you've not seen it yet (and why not, we ask?), check out Matthew's preview in "Closer" here. Keep a look out for another Matthew related post coming up in the next few days too. Another reason to stayed tuned to Boys By Girls this Christmas!

This editorial is that little bit extra Christmassy, as in Norway (Cecilie's homeland) and other European countries, today is Christmas Day! So we are wishing a very Merry Christmas to Norway and those countries who are allowed to open their presents today, especially from Boys By Girls. 

Model MATTHEW BELL (Elite) 

Matthew in Silent Night