For Issue 11, Sophie Mayanne captures the unbreakable chain of paternal love shared between Nick and his son Justice. At the shoot, the team felt the true warmth of their relationship, as Nick became a human-climbing frame and the pair played before the lens. There was an almost subliminal connection on display; in the subtlety of micro-expressions, doting eye contact and shared demeanours. Sometimes that kind of magnetic energy needs no direction, it is simply there to be admired. 
When you’re a child, who is more a hero than your own dad? He’s your tower of safety, standing high above your little world. You cherish those moments of simple happiness; the kind without limits, free of any prejudice. You look to him and see the little parts of yourself in his face. Eyes are borrowed, your smile is his smile, together you are mirrors of one another.
Your palms rest on his, like a small fishing boat gliding through a vast ocean of serenity. Wrapped up tight, hiding yourself in the darkest parts of his coat, you’re carried like an invisible secret that only he’s discovered. For a father, it’s that odd realisation that your heart is running around in someone else’s body - and they’re usually 4ft-something and wildly unpredictable. One thing is for certain, as your limbs grow and your mind wanders towards new possibilities, that eternal bond will remain. 
To see this intimate story come to life in print, our latest Issue 11, "Imagined Songs" is available in stockists worldwide and our BBG Shop.


Photography by SOPHIE MAYANNE
Photography assistant MARCUS SIVYER 
Styling assistant ISABELLE SMEDLEY

Like Father, like Son

Above left: Justice wears coat by STELLA MCCARTNE, top by KENZO
Above right: Justice wears white shirt by ARMANI. Nick wears white shirt by TOMMY HILFIGER and jacket by JOHN VARVATOS.

Above: Justice wears tracksuit bottoms by KENZO.

Above left: Nick wears top and bottom by ADIDAS, braces by BEYOND RETRO. Justice wears top by ADIDAS, trousers by STELLA MCCARTNEY, braces by ROKIT, shoes by HAVAIANAS. 
Above right: Nick wears top by COS.

Above left: Justice wears shirt by KENZO.
Abover right: Justice wears suit by PAUL SMITH, roll neck by PEPE JEANS, shoes by RIVER ISLAND. Nick wears suit by RICHARD JAMES, top by CARUSO, shoes by EL GANSO, choker by MIANSAI. 

Above left: Justice wears own trousers.

Above left: Justice wears printed polo neck by PETIT BATEAU.
Above right: Nick wears creme polo neck by UNIVERSAL WORKS, top by COS, earrings by JOHN LEWIS.

Above: Justice wears white shirt by ARMANI. Nick wears white shirt by TOMMY HILFIGER, jacket by JOHN VERVATOS, choker by MIANSAI.

Above: Nick wears tshirt by BEYOND RETRO.

Above: Nick wears trackies by DKNY. Justice wears tracksuit bottoms by KENZO.

Above: Nick wears coat by EMMA BREWIN, top by COS, trackies by DKNY, shoes by GH BASS. Justice wears coat by STELLA MCCARTNEY, top by KENZO, trousers by KENZO, shoes by RIVER ISLAND.

Above: Justice wears top by BEYOND RETRO, trousers by PRIMARK, glasses by ANDY WOLF, shoes by RIVER ISLAND. Nick wears shirt by PAUL AND JOE, flares by BEYOND RETRO, shoes by GH BASS and glasses by SATURNINO EYEWEAR.

Above: suits as before.

Above intro by Matthew Regan