Bundling up in his favourite coat, inhaling the crisp air that floods over him upon opening the door, Jonny steps out, wandering with no plan into the nothingness. The shady glades of the woods bead with moisture from the morning air and naked branches freckle the sky above, a pale shade of grey. Secret groves and passages unfold, as he tip toes through the carpet of rustling foliage, crunching beneath his feet. At one in his surrondings, embracing the stillness, moving with the wind; this is a place he is temporarily at home.

Balancing across the moss-veiled trails, Jonny Brown at Established Models is captured by Caoimhe Hahn in a soft trance, wrapped up in his daydreams and gazing into the surrounding tranquility. Camouflaged by the floral shirt that drapes over his shoulders, undone, leaving his chest bare like the naked trees that encircle him. Stylist Lewis Evans-Martin complements deep green hues with rich browns and reds courtesy of James Long and Norse Projects, while James Long's riffled patterning clashes rightfully with the subdued tones of Natural Collection, Waven and YMC. Jonny is not there to be seen.

Sepulchral whispers of nature echo across the vast, wild space. Enveloped in a haze of opportunity; this small town Jamaican boy finds his footing and a space that is his. The days get shorter, and the nights get longer. The sun creeping out of sight leaving only the opportunity to be enveloped in the inky blue, suffocating darkness of winter. As the day disappears and the sounds of the city starts fading, each breath is a reminder of a more quiet space that can be found anywhere you are, even when you are far away from home. Your faded home, always with you.


Photography CAOIMHE HAHN
Model JONNY BROWN at Established Models

Faded Homes Emerging

Above left: Coat by NATURAL SELCTION, Chain by PAUL SMITH, Jeans by WAVEN, Shoes by YMC
Above right: Shirt by JAMES LONG

Above: Shirt as above, Jeans by WAVEN

Above left: Shirt by JAMES LONG
Above right: Jumper by GENEVIEVE SWEENEY

Above: Jumper by NORSE PROJECTS, Trousers by YMC

Above left: Shirt and Trousers by JAMES LONG

Above: Vest by NICCE 

Above left: Shirt and Trousers by JAMES LONG, Shoes by Pointer




Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.