Light drowning through balconies and open windows, creating a mirage of unity between lonely apartments and the cobbled pavements below. Through the cramped streets, scattered with pastel-washed walls, is the echo of tranquility. Familiar faces escaping the midday heat: retreating into their private worlds. The illumination of the sun providing refuge in its shadows. Days like these give time for you to breathe, with their blankets of shade and an abundance of freshly bleached territories to roam.
For their first editorial for Boys by Girls, photographer Paula Codoner and Cesar Calabuig bottle the therapy of idle afternoons in their hometown of Valencia. Using whimsical tones and natural lighting (courtesy of the Spanish sun), Paula’s photographic style is always intimate. Skillfully noticing beauty in ordinary places, Paula's images pause rare moments of bliss.
New face Cesar gives off a certain quality that you just can’t put your finger on; it’s a secret held by generations of heart-throbs' before him. In this series, Cesar is himself without frills, those almond-shaped eyes are enough to hypnotise you with a look of boyish wonder. His beauty is effortless, yet so powerful. Unbrushed hair with its strands of peroxide blonde is equal parts Seattle grunge kid and salt-drenched surfer boy. Dressed in his own clothes, his style offers a hint to his dream of becoming a stylist. The silhouettes and fabrics are relaxed and utilitarian like the atmosphere of the shoot: natural and free-flowing, yet essential for self-exploration.
Making you want to pick up last night's T-shirt from your bedroom floor, and throw on your trusted pair of battered Converse - isn’t that what Sundays are for?

Blankets Of Shade