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  • Seeing Double

    Seeing Double 13.03.2017

    Nicola Collins captures identical twins, Connor and Max Haddadin at Wilhelmina Models on the Californian coast.
  • The Sunday Boy

    The Sunday Boy 20.02.2017

    Photographer Kim Jobson captures Jake Dunn at Milk Management on a lazy Sunday morning, where nothing else is needed than dreaming and inhaling the silence. Styling by Gabriella Stival.
  • South London Hippie

    South London Hippie 06.02.2017

    Cleo Glover captures one of the promising faces arising from the South London music scene, Cosmo Pyke at Select Model Management. Styling by Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell.
  • Runaway Blues

    Runaway Blues 30.01.2017

    Boyhood is re-lived through Adrian Birta at Blow Models as he is captured by photographer Letizia Guel. Styling by Juan Camilo Rodríguez.
  • Faded Homes Emerging
    Explore the sepulchral whispers of nature with Jonny Brown at Established Models in "Faded Homes Emerging" photographed by Caoimhe Hahn.
  • Yesterday’s Rain

    Yesterday’s Rain 16.01.2017

    Asbjorn Appleby at Milk Management captured by Desirèe Cremona. Styling by Amii Mcintosh.
  • Lone Sanctuary

    Lone Sanctuary 11.01.2017

    Photographer Shaira Luna takes George Hard at AMCK Models on a trail of newfound words. Fashion by Safiya Yekwai.
  • Scars

    Scars 03.01.2017

    Sophie Mayanne captures boys and their scars, revealing their individual stories and finding the beauty in imperfection. Fashion by Lulu Wentworth.
  • The Marcus Impulse

    The Marcus Impulse 19.12.2016

    Marcus Sivyer at Select Model Management in an extended version of his Issue 11 feature, "The Marcus Impulse". Photography by Sophie Mayanne. Fashion by Dasha Kova.