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  • Rumours

    Rumours 16.01.2012

    Check out Jason Wilder (New York Model Management) in "Rumours", an exclusive editorial for Boys By Girls by Cecilie Harris
  • Crossing Echoes

    Crossing Echoes 09.01.2012

    Cecilie Harris shoots Keith Hernandez at Request/Elite in "Crossing Echoes".
  • A Beautiful Mistake

    A Beautiful Mistake 02.01.2012

    Cecilie Harris captures the stunning Jed Texas (Elite) in this exclusive editorial for Boys by Girls.
  • The Gentlemen by Cecilie Harris
    Exclusive editorial "The Gentlemen" featuring Igor (Select), Guetan (D1) and Raymond (M+P) by Cecilie Harris
  • Video by Georgie Wileman
    Check out our first exclusive video editorial on Boys by Girls, directed and edited by Georgie Wileman, with one of our "Closer" boys Sam Lawson (Select).
  • Don’t Talk To Strangers
    Cecilie Harris shares Mikhael Ayoub and Alex C at Request in this editorial "Don't Talk To Strangers", shot in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Matthew in Silent Night
    Take a look at this beautiful exclusive Christmas editorial, Silent Night featuring Matthew Bell at Elite. Photography by Cecilie Harris.
  • Sympathy for the Living
    Cecilie Harris's exclusive editorial for Boys by Girls called "Sympathy for the Living" featuring Caspar Smyth (Select)
  • Mateus Lages: Never Follow
    Cecilie Harris shoots Mateus Lages at Request in this exclusive Boys By Girls editorial