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  • Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit 01.08.2016

    Lucas Bin at Vision LA is captured by Daria Kobayashi Ritch in Pasadena, CA. Styling by Sue Choi.
  • Lost And Found

    Lost And Found 25.07.2016

    Photographer Vic Lentaigne captures Niall Underwood at Elite Models and Adrian Bernal at Established Models together in London. Styling by Sarah Ruxton and grooming by Elinor MacMahon.
  • The Holiday

    The Holiday 18.07.2016

    Daria Kobayashi Ritch photographs Dallas Haupt at Next in Downtown Los Angeles Styling by Suzie Street.
  • Neverland

    Neverland 11.07.2016

    Linn Tabudlong and Erik Thulen are photographed in Stockholm by Helena Påls for this touching editorial about youth and dependency: Neverland. Styling by Matilda Sandstrom.
  • Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dreams 04.07.2016

    In an extended editorial from issue 10, Asbjorn Appleby (Milk Models) is photographed by Cleo Glover. Fashion by Lee Holden. Grooming by Nat Van Zee.
  • Simon’s Gravity

    Simon’s Gravity 27.06.2016

    In an extended editorial from issue 10, Simon Skitch at Established Models is captured beautifully by Nicola Collins. Styling by Samuel Gallagher and words by Tim Sprague.
  • Sunbeams On Stone

    Sunbeams On Stone 25.04.2016

    Marcus Arlien at The Squad Management captured by Cleo Glover in a menswear fashion editorial. Styling by Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell.
  • Early Bird Boy

    Early Bird Boy 29.03.2016

    Reece Seymour at Select Models. captured by Sophie Mayanne in a stunning new editorial. Styling by Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell.