With every photograph, he is increasingly honest and authentic.


Agency: Milk Model Management

Location: London

We first met the fair faced beauty in Issue 9, when Cecilie Harris captured him as part of "Four Lullabies", a personal and beautiful 10-page fashion editorial featured in Issue 9, ‘Growing Sideways’. Our second meeting with Oliver came when Cleo Glover snapped him for a stunning editorial "Boy Meets World", which captured the raw essence of a boy with the world at his doorstep. 

With pensive glances and reflective stares, Oliver portrays coming of age in a unique showcase of his own candid existence; with every photograph, he is increasingly honest and authentic. There is eagerness and soft contemplation as well as ecstasy and melancholia encapsulated in his fresh face, a quality also noticed by Gucci and Kenzo. 

Instagram: olvxr
Twitter: olvxr