I was so consumed in what I was doing that I almost forgot my picture was being taken.
Marcus Sivyer


Agency: Select Models

Location: London

Marcus Sivyer epitomizes everything that London youth has to offer. Referring to home as ‘yard’, lazing Sunday’s and switching on beautiful waves of creativity at the click of a button, Marcus finds himself constantly in a limbo behind and in front of the lens. Scouted at Battersea Park train station by the BBG team, Marcus has gone on to tear up photoshoots and his own eclectic personal photography projects.

With stunning skills both behind and in front of the camera, Marcus gives an insight into his sanctuary in documentary story ‘The Photography Game’ photographed by Sophie Mayanne. We also gear him up in some cool McQ Swallow styles once. Taking his quill to writing in this personal series also, Marcus is the guy you were always jealous of in school. This 19-year old photography student has the right groove, wears the right stuff and captures the right moments; and for those reasons, we love him dearly.

Now, he challenges himself before and behind the lens. You can see his intimate photography as part of our BBG Diaries series, documenting Glastonbury and his seaside holiday. Both take on the theme of family adventures, in raw and almost candid moments. 

In his latest editorial for BBG, called “The Marcus Impulse” and photographed by Sophie Mayanne, Marcus shows his energetic and versatile personality.

Instagram: marcussivyer