• The Gatekeeper

    The Gatekeeper 02.10.2017

    Photographer Manon Ouimet captures Geron Nord at SUPA Model Management in his temporary dwelling. Fashion by Saaniya Sharma.

  • Swipe Right

    Swipe Right 29.09.2017

    Irene Palacio captures Milan, while a match on purpose gives the insight to how romanticism works in our days. 

  • Kelvin Harrison Jr.

    Kelvin Harrison Jr. 25.09.2017

    Actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. digs beyond the surface levels and speaks to us about his everyday struggle with anxiety and his emotionally challenging role in his upcoming film 'Monster'. Photography by Amber McKee. Fashion by Leo Plass. 

  • In the Shadows of Manhood

    Photographer Sophie Hemels captures Cesar and his friend as they balance that thin line between boyhood and manhood.

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