• Love, Bites

    Love, Bites 04.09.2017

    Ben at IMG Models, Calum, Joe K and Youri at Models 1 and Freddie at Elite London stained by l'amour and captured by Jessica Mahaffey.

  • The City of Angels

    The City of Angels 01.09.2017

    Skateboarder Andrey Tarasov is captured by Sarah Charlie Benjamin in a run down Southern Californian neighbourhood. 

  • The Skatepark

    The Skatepark 28.08.2017

    Jamie and Ludo at Models 1 captured in absolute camaraderie at the skatepark by Michelle Marshall. Fashion by Becky Seager.

  • Joseph David-Jones

    Joseph David-Jones 25.08.2017

    Actor Josep David-Jones shares stories from the set of 'Detroit‘ and talks inspiration sources. Photography Janell Shirtcliff. Fashion by Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo. 

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